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Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Wiki

This page is a set of guidelines for images on Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Wiki.


  • Check the Image before adding the image you want to the fandom.
    • Just in case you've added another same image.
    • Duplicate images should be avoided. (Action: Remove)
  • Fanart is only allowed in user pages and is not to go in articles. This restriction also applies to comments.
    • Contact admin & staffs for protection as long you have proof it belongs to you or someone else.
  • Name of the image must not in long and nonsense name.
    • For example: HDS*NVDSNGUN54@59%034GI&2IGNI^N!GDSK784UI1B11JBUFIE894HJ.jpg is not allowed. (Action: Remove or change the name)
  • Image must crop cleaned/properly.
    • If needed (Action: Remove)
  • Images must be in raw Japanese or have all translated text removed.
  • Watermarked images should be avoided, especially non-official ones. (Excluded Fanart)
  • All images must be properly licensed.
  • Uploading any image in png format is recommended for better quality image


Images which don't meet these guidelines, for the most part, should be marked with a {{Cleanup}}, {{Delete}} tag or, will be deleted immediately.