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Fumiya Tomozaki (友崎文也, Tomozaki Fumiya) is the main protagonist of the Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun series. He is a high school student who has been living as a social outcast at school. In a popular Japanese online game Attack Families, he has been topping leaderboard charts with the in-game handle nanashi


Initially, he has an unremarkable otaku-like appearance: messy, long black hair and black eyes. Usually walking hunched over and shy.

After a while and being helped by Aoi, Fumiya has a little tidier hair and his posture is straight, to where when he saw his new reflection, he declared, "I don't look like a normie, but clearly, I don't look like an otaku anymore."


At the beginning of the series, Fumiya had a pessimistic perception about life, calling himself a background character. Based on his dark experiences, he is a very calculative, loner-thinking, and spineless man. At first, Fumiya is a socially awkward individual, hesitating a lot before speaking and often falling silent during group conversations. Despite this, when he speaks, he usually does so in a frank and honest way, but with a rather monotonous tone.

Despite his social awkwardness, he is always thinking about his movements, how he should act, and how to treat the people he interacts with. He is afraid of hurting others and himself as well. In addition, he also appears to be observant and analytical, reading the feelings of other people and understanding their actions.

As he often compares both his real life and gaming life, he regards Attack Families as a "godly game" where there is a perfect balance, as equal amounts of effort would be rewarded with equal amounts of success; where in contrast, real life, which he dubs a "trash game" doesn't have a walkthrough, has character strength predetermined when you're born and unexplainable imbalances.

His perspectives begin to change as it is revealed to him that his perfect classmate Aoi, who all along has been trailing behind him at 2nd place on Attack Families' leaderboards, regards real life as a winnable game and offers to be his walkthrough guide.

Fumiya seems quite competitive at least in video games, besides showing a lot of passion for them, teaching Yuzu and getting angry with Erika because she made fun of Shuuji. As a gamer, he is quite adept at video games, being the best Atafami player in all of Japan, and achieving that position through a lot of effort and imitating and refining the play style of who he considered the best player.

He proved to be quite smart and resourceful several times. Through Aoi's advice, he has constantly improved his social skills and can recall his past interactions with normies to know how to respond. During the student council elections, Fumiya worked as the behind-the-scenes mastermind to help Minami, creating various strategies and plans, manipulating freshmen and club members through flashy proposals, which made Minami consider Fumiya as someone malicious.

Story Overview


Fumiya is a man of his words and his rough childhood forces him to exclude himself in the public eye. He intends to focus his attention on the games since it helps him to feel at ease and it decreases the fatigue of being around with his peers. He is always afraid of hurting the expectations of the other and he applies his loner-gaming skills to comprehend the people who don't understand him at all. After meeting his self-proclaimed fan, Aoi, everything changes his life.


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  • The name Fumiya means "sentence, letter, writing" (文) (fumi) and "to be, also" (也) (ya).
    • Fumiya's surname Tomozaki means "friend, companion, pal" (友) (tomo) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).
  • Fumiya is the number one rank Atafami (Tackfam) player in Japan.


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