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This is the third volume of Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun light novel.

Official Synopsis

The first semester is over, and summer vacation has begun-although that doesn't mean Tomozaki will get a break from his training with Hinami. His mission this time is a tough one: a co-ed overnight trip! And not only that, she wants him in a relationship by the end of the summer?!


  • Chapter 1: When you go back to the starter town with the full party, new stuff tends to happen
  • Chapter 2: The EXP you need for each level up changes constantly
  • Chapter 3: Multiplayer games have their own special appeal
  • Chapter 4: A single choice can change everything
  • Chapter 5: Sometimes the characters closest to you end up holding the keys to the toughest dungeon
  • Chapter 6: Equipment for girls has special effects


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Adaptation Notes

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