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Official English Light Novel Lv.7 will release on December 28, 2021!

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This is the fourth volume of Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun light novel.

Official Synopsis

The tutorial phase is over!

After finishing the busiest summer of his life, Tomozaki is ready to get back to school. He may not always agree with Hinami's approach, but he's still working to find the best strats for clearing the game of life. His first challenge of the new semester: to influence none other than Erika Konno, one of the scariest girls in class! As a reigning queen bee, she's decided the school sports tournament isn't cool enough to care about, and she's dragging everyone else down with her... Can Tomozaki be the one to change her mind?


  • Chapter 1: When your regular attacks improve, adventures get way easier
  • Chapter 2: The best games make reconnaissance fun
  • Chapter 3: After a difficult quest, your latent abilities rise to the surface
  • Chapter 4: Even seemingly unbeatable bosses have weak points
  • Chapter 5: Sometimes you’ll trigger a flag you’ve been ignoring when you least expect it
  • Chapter 6: A happy ending doesn’t mean this game is over
  • Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Special Section: A Secret Between Two Friends (JP Only)[1]


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