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This is the sixth volume of Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun light novel.

Official Synopsis

It's November, and preparations for the culture festival are beginning. Meetings with Hinami have begun again, and life has mostly returned to normal...until Hinami asks him who he likes. But Tomozaki has to wonder-does he really need to have an answer?


  • Chapter 1: *Information will added soon later.*
  • Chapter 2: *Information will added soon later.*
  • Chapter 3: *Information will added soon later.*
  • Chapter 4: *Information will added soon later.*
  • Chapter 5: *Information will added soon later.*
  • Side Story: Happy Birthday To... (JP Only)[1]
  • Side Story: A Night Alone Together (JP Only)[1]
  • Side Story: Gyoza With Her (JP Only)[1]
  • Side Story: With the Card You Have (JP Only)[2]

Adaptation Notes

*Information will added soon later.*



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