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This is the sixth volume of Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun light novel.

Official Synopsis

Love might be the hardest game of all…

It's November, and the school festival is right around the corner. Meetings with Hinami have begun again, and life has mostly returned to normal...until Hinami asks Tomozaki to decide who he wants to be his girlfriend by next week. As he searches for an answer, he's busy planning for the festival, taking photos, and even visiting another school with Mizusawa. But while Hinami's deadline approaches, Tomozaki will have to face his own emotions in a way he never has before...and those of someone close to him.


  • Chapter 1: Everyone has different expectations about a big event
  • Chapter 2: Even fetch quests raise your level
  • Chapter 3: Important items are usually lying around in enchanted forests
  • Chapter 4: Sometimes the main character can't enter the village of another species on his own
  • Chapter 5: If you don't make up your mind, the story won't advance
  • Side Story: Happy Birthday To... (JP Only)[1]
  • Side Story: A Night Alone Together (JP Only)[1]
  • Side Story: Gyoza With Her (JP Only)[1]
  • Side Story: With the Card You Have (JP Only)[2]

Adaptation Notes

*Information will added soon later.*



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