Light Novel Lv.6.5

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This is the first short story collection volume of Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun light novel.

Official Synopsis

In this short story volume, the complexities of Hinami, Kikuchi, Mimimi, and Yuzu’s feelings are front and center, bridging the gaps between volumes 6 and 7!


  • Chapter 1: The melancholy of the pre-perfect heroine
  • Chapter 2: A shopping trip
  • Chapter 3: Girl talk
  • Chapter 4: The color of words
  • Chapter 5: A diary from May of second year
  • Chapter 6: One cold morning at the station
  • Chapter 7: Fast enough to leave it all behind
  • Chapter 8: Pot stickers
  • Chapter 9: Drunk on nonalcoholic cocktails
  • Chapter 10: What happened next

Adaptation Notes

*Information will added soon later.*



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