This is the second volume of Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun manga.

Official Synopsis

Reading it makes you want to be in love and adolescent! "Tomozaki-kun" is a romantic comedy of the new generation of youth!

Tomozaki-kun, a non-reliant gamer, is being taught life strategies by Aoi Hinami, a reluctant reluctant reluctant reluctantly. He has been challenging the game of life to achieve his goal of "getting a girlfriend in one year"...
The first heroine whom Hinami designates as the heroine to capture is Kikuchi, a literary girl who is as gentle and kind as a fairy.
However, the task given by Hinami to capture Kikuchi is to talk to the most popular girl in her class, Izumi Yuzu... Isn't that a bombshell flag for a galley game?
Can Tomozaki-kun, who is mostly equipped for the first time, succeed in this extremely difficult mission? (Google Translate)


  • Chapter 5: The First Target Heroine
  • Chapter 6: Small Goal Achieved!?
  • Chapter 7: Grind by Losing!
  • Chapter 8: Do Some Independent Leveling!
  • Chapter 9: Getting Destroyed in the High-Difficulty Dungeon!?
  • Chapter 10: Mandatory Fight with a Powerful Boss!!


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Adaptation Notes

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